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Consulting Services:

Zion Integrated Services works with companies to evaluate their needs and prepare a business and marketing strategy to meet them. Our expert staff with years of experience design functionality that is easy to use and gets results. On an ongoing basis we work with you to evaluate effectiveness of your project and fine tune it. With us you can have all the resources of a large organization right at your finger tips. We can help you increase the success rate of your project.

Experts at Zion Integrated Services bring years of experience, and more importantly, extreme focus in each of the following disciplines:

Marketing Consulting
 Zion Integrated Services offers a wide range of marketing consulting services for companies looking to increase their brand, market share, qualified leads, sales and most of all a return on investment. We work with you to prepare a marketing strategy specifically tailored to your company's needs. The relationship with Zion does not cease once the marketing strategy is defined. We work with you to analyze your results and fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Business Consulting
Zion Integrated Services offers strategic business consulting services and expertise in technology and marketing that allow our clients to leverage both marketing and technology to their benefit. Our result-driven business consultants can focus on a strategic level or on creating a solution for something specific. We can analyze the situation, refine your business and marketing plans, create new revenue streams and track their results.

Research & Analysis
Zion Integrated Services is a full service interactive marketing consulting company. We will analyze your market, your position, your current marketing plan, conduct client surveys, focus groups to develop a marketing plan that helps your company reach its goals, while generating a return on investment. We can conduct online and offline focus groups, telephone, print and e-mail surveys and evaluate the results. This will help you compete successfully in the marketplace.


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